The Anonymous Art Teacher #2

Whilst the Bank of England are slapping themselves on the back for coming up with the charming wheeze of having public vote for their favourite dead artist, lets have a look at what our current Minister of Education believes about the arts in Education...

                                   Pupils 'held back' by overemphasis on the Arts

Click on to link above and read how Nicky Morgan MP really feels about the arts in education. Basically if the subjects the pupils are studying aren't STEM subjects then they are wasting their time.
is she The Anonymous Art Teacher ?
Let's ignore the fact the the Arts cover a vast range of subjects, and that some kids simply enjoy the chance of being able to express themselves - the fact is The Arts are an important part of our economy, the Creative Arts Sector represents 5% of the British Economy.

If you are voting for your favourite dead artist, remember they had art teachers too. I'm nominating The Anonymous Art Teacher ( #TheAnonymousArtTeacher ) to be on the new £20 note