Not so Merry Christmas Cards...

Whilst tidying up my studio I came across an old folder containing a selection of Christmas Cards that I had made and sent to friends years ago.

Not exactly sure what date each card is from, but I think they were made between 1990 to 2002, after 2003 I stopped making these types of cards and instead, each year I now make a small etching which I then print up in an edition of 100 and send these instead.                                                                                    

Interesting for me to look at them now, after all this time. Have to admit I did feel my ears burning red with embarrassment. At the time I thought I was making rather lovely drawings that were a wry and sophisticated take on events that were of some importance to me at the time. Good Grief - how can it be possible to delude oneself to such an extent ?   

I look at them now and wonder how I had the nerve to post them ! They seem more like a psychological X-ray of my emotional state when really, all people really want is a nice picture of a robin.Which is what they get now !