fingers on buzzers...

Here's your starter for ten:

Which artist won two awards at last weeks Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers Annual Exhibition ?


That's right - ME !

can you believe it, I guess prizes are like buses; you wait forever for one and then two come at once. I won the Aberystwyth University Purchase Prize and The Hector Purchase Prize, and the best thing, is that one of the prizes was cash !! I nearly fainted when I opened the envelope on the bus coming home, ooh which reminds ; the next morning my friend Gillian who was staying with me, came into my room to get me out of bed so we could watch the Royal Wedding together - and I just couldn't move ! Everytime I tried to get my head up off the pillow I felt like fainting. Apparently I had Vertigo ? I didn't know you could get Vertigo just lying down , I always thought you could only get it from hanging from a roof top like James Stewart in that film er, uhm - Vertigo.

Picture round : Bamber Gascoigne, Hilary Paynter PRE, Bren Unwin and moi
Anyway, back to my prizes ( did I tell you I won two ?), The really lovely thing about the evening was that the show was opened by Bamber Gascoigne, who; if you're as old as me; will remember him from University Challenge - pre Paxman. He presented all the prizes to the winners - and there was quite a few of us, and was utterly charming. Can't imagine old Paxman doing that, although I could be wrong. I remember one year I sat down next to Jeremy Paxman at the church service to bless artists on the morning of Varnishing day for the Royal Academy's Summer Show, he took one look at me; grabbed his coat and went off and sat some where else - I hadn't even started singing ?

Right, I'm off now to Argos to buy a sonic toothbrush with my winnings